Natural sunlight from the roof of your home

Posted by admin on Oct 7, 2007

Sky Tubes enable light to be channeled into rooms through a reflective tubular pipe. Sky tubes use the shiny tubing to guide natural sunlight from the roof of your home. A wide diameter Silver Tube is used to let light flood into the room below. This is fitted between the joists in your loft, the tube will let enough light to brighten a whole room with natural light for free using no electric.

The tube will fit into a Variable Pitch Adaptor (VPA) close to the roof, the tube can then be turned to the South in winter to make the most of the sun when its low in the sky.

If the fitting is tight in the loft for tubes to be fitted some Adaptors that are Angled are available for tight locations.

Sky tubes been fitted to your house will save you money from reduction in electric and gas cost.

Getting a Sky tube fitted will help reduce your whole families carbon foot print as you don’t have to turn on internal lighting until it is quite dim outside.

Sky tubes for homes can lighten rooms a but…how much Light do SKY TUBES Provide in rooms?

A SKY TUBE in a house will light up a room 2.1 meters x 2.1 meters with natural daylight.

It can be used in a long passages the SKY TUBES will light up approx 3.5 meters of corridor (with a width of not more than 1.3 meters)

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